Realdolmen Digest - November 2017
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How not to lose sight of the human face of transition? Do you know what hyperconverged is? How does KBC search for the black hole in performance problems? How can you save up to 30% on your printer costs? No more worries about your workstations?

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The human face of transition: training, user adoption and change management.

For any fundamental transition, you can be sure that training, user adoption and change management will all be discussed at some point. Each of the three disciplines, however, focuses on a specific part of this human face of transition. 
We explain the differences here.

Alternate Reality: let us guide you into the future

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality…the straightforward reality you knew has transformed into an exciting combination of tangible and intangible experiences – an alternate reality. Various business sectors are already using mixed reality software to increase their efficiency and turn customer expectations into a unique experience. 
Let us guide you into the future.

KBC looks at its online platform through the eyes of a user.

Application Performance Management is crucial in today's fast-paced, mobile world. Users have come to expect fast-loading websites that are always available, also for online banking. The challenge: locating the black hole in the performance problem. Read how KBC tackles this challenge.

Co-Thinking about the Future:
a plea for outside-the-box exploration

Around 200 customers, professors, students, IT experts and other guests attended our Co-Thinking about the Future event at the end of October. The concept was ambitious, but very exciting: in 13 tracks of three sessions each, we deliberated together on the technology of the future. You can watch the video report by Kanaal Z or read our impressions here.

Traditional vs. hyperconverged: what's the best choice for you?

In the context of private cloud, hyperconverged is a hot topic for many organizations. But what is it exactly? How to choose between traditional, converged or hyper-converged? And what solutions do our partners offer in this domain?
Discover all about it on 6/12 during our Wiki Wednesday (in Dutch).

Print Solutions. Less worry, lower costs and more time for important work.

Did you know that you can save up to 30% on your printing costs by managing your printers better and more efficiently? Realdolmen's Print Solutions can do this for you. They offer outstanding support for all makes and models of printers. From installation onwards, we take over looking after all your printing needs.
Take a look at our offering here.

Workstation-as-a-service (WaaS).No more worries about your workstations

With the Realdolmen WaaS program, we can now offer hardware solutions on the basis of monthly invoicing. No more heavy investments to be paid up-front, instead you receive a simple invoice for the costs each month. The WaaS program from Realdolmen has been built to unburden your organization as much as possible. 
What does it mean for you as a customer?