Realdolmen Digest - March 2017
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Do you know how much money your company loses due to unused software?  Are you interested to find out more about our success stories at De Persgroep and Mazda?  Have you seen our mobile office or heard about our Röllercøster yet? 

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How much does your company lose due to unused software?

In British companies, more than a quarter of all purchased software is never used. In the US, that figure is a whopping 37%. How to ensure that your next IT project only develops the functionality that is necessary for your business?
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Are you working with Windows 10 yet? Some tips and tricks

We would like to offer you five tips and tricks to help get you going more quickly.  How to open several virtual desktops on your screen? How to take screenshot videos? How to switch off the camera and microphone?
You'll find an answer to these and other questions here.

Realdolmen manages Atlassian environment at De Persgroep

For some time now De Persgroep has been using Atlassian software. Almost 2,000 employees make use of this technology. We brought them peace of mind by combining their three different accounts in a single domain in the Realdolmen cloud. Watch the video here.

Mazda recognizes the value of trusted advisorship

Mazda believes strongly in giving their customers the ultimate customer experience. Communication is crucial here. Their contact center was the last part of their communications network that needed upgrading. We helped them with the selection process.
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Young Realdolmen starters launch the Röllercøster

Based on their interest in Virtual Reality, A few new employees took the opportunity to develop their ideas on this topic. The result is a VR device that takes you on a breathtaking virtual trip at an unheard velocity.
Discover our Röllercøster.

Co-creation for successful digital transformation

The number of collaborative groups across organizations that share "something" with each other is growing at a rapid rate. Co-creation is the business model that can be used to safeguard your business in a digital world.  We recently organized an event about co-creation. 
Some impressions.

Tomorrow on wheels (ToW)
Realdolmen's mobile office that comes to you

Together with Microsoft, we converted a Volkswagen Crafter to create a demo space on wheels where you can get to know the latest technologies that Realdolmen offers in terms of mobile office. Tomorrow on Wheels (ToW) literally comes to you with a classroom and devices. Would you like to be visited by our ToW-van too? Click here for more info or to make an appointment.