Realdolmen Digest - April 2018
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Enterprise Data Management: the strategic power of data
Structured, good quality data management and a good data management strategy and architecture are crucial in order to meet the challenges of modern digital business management. The better you are able to exploit the strategic power of data, the greater the benefits you can gain from it.  More information about Enterprise Data Management.
Netflix guides the
way to Employee
Today's employees expect a productive, engaging, pleasant working experience, supported digitally. A workplace geared to allow this lets people bring out the best in themselves, improves job satisfaction and has less turnover.
Continue reading and take a look at the other posts in this series of 5.
Security Information & Event Management:
SIEM & SOC as a Service

Realdolmen offers a 24/7 managed service that analyses and correlates big security data, using best of breed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) technology, and delivers it to the watchful eyes of the security experts in the Security Operations Center (SOC).  Read more.

Roeselare City Council:
Mobile working with good ergonomics
Employees working for Roeselare City Council are active in a range of areas and occasionally do jobs outside the offices. For this reason, the local authorities wanted to find a solution that would support mobile working for these employees. Together with HP and Realdolmen, they found the ideal solution. Watch the video or download the customer case.
Bert Van Der Heyden praised at Dynatrace Perform in Vegas!
Bert van der Heyden was named Most Valuable Partner Contributor Worldwide at Dynatrace Perform in Las Vegas. This prize is awarded based on your contributions to the Dynatrace community. We asked the prize-winner Bert about his impressions. Because what happens in Vegas, doesn't need to stay there!
Realdolmen is your guide on your journey to a more Secure Hybrid Identity
Every year, organizations send their data on thousands of security incidents and data breaches to Verizon, who analyze it. Unfortunately, very often, not enough effort is made in mitigating potential security threats. Discover how Realdolmen can guide you to a secure hybride identity.
Our experts speak:
Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is on a scale that we do not yet comprehend. To get to grips with this huge subject, we sat down with two of our experts on the Internet of Things, Josef Szekeres (IP, Technology & Innovation Sales Manager) and Farzad Habibi Pour Roudsari (IoT and AWS Architect), and asked them a few questions.
Read the blog post.
Embedding Change.
The Human Side
of Transition
For any fundamental change, interpreting what the human side of change needs, means discussing Training, User Adoption and Change Management at some point. The trap lies in the potential to confuse these terms, or even worse, conflate them. Discover how the 3 of them together can make your transition a success.
Your Dynamics 365 licenses at half price? It's possible at Realdolmen

As one of the few selected Microsoft Cloud ISV Embed partners for Europe, Realdolmen can now deliver a bundled offering on MS DYN365 online combined with Single View Builder against a very low price: the Accelerator Bundle Deal. Read here if this offer applies to your company and how much you can save.

ZORABOTS: pioneering software for intelligent humanoid robots

ZoraBots is one of the largest robot software companies in the world. Originally from Belgium, the company equips robots with its Zora software and distributes them on the market. The software solution was initially developed for the health care and geriatric care sectors, but is now also available for use in other sectors, including the hotel industry, retail and education.
Realdolmen also uses ZoraBots for its own events. For example, at the "ICT trends in 2018 for local authorities" event, Zora provided a warm and original welcome for the participants. Read more.
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