Realdolmen Digest - February 2018
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GDPR: not a picture of doom, but an opportunity

Are you scared of GDPR? That’s understandable, but it would be wiser to grasp the new regulations as an opportunity to change and improve your approach to protecting your data, IT systems and products. Continue reading.

Download our
Business Productivity Roadmap

Organizations need to start preparing tomorrow’s workplace, where structured collaboration is of primary importance. With our Business Productivity Roadmap, we investigate the vulnerabilities in the areas of collaboration and communication. 
Download the roadmap.

Embedding Change. 
The Human Side
of Transition

For any fundamental change, interpreting in practice what the human side of change needs, will mean discussing Training, User Adoption and Change Management at some point. The trap lies in the potential to confuse these terms, or even worse, conflate them. Discover how the 3 of them together can make your transition a success.

The Realdolmen
DevOps Factory

Bringing in scalable help in the form of a software factory is a good alternative way to review and develop your digital transformation ideas, and to increase the digital maturity of your company. 
Watch the video.

van A tot Z
bij Stad Blankenberge 

Until a few years ago, the city of Blankenberge did not have an ICT department as such. The increasing digitalization has now heightened awareness that both citizens and employees of the city of Blankenberge need a properly supported ICT environment.  
Watch their video-testimonial here.

Do U want to PreSS
the buttonski?

A large retailer recently sent a test email to all its employees. The email appeared to come from the managing director, but there were notable mistakes in her signature. The text itself was written very clumsily and full of mistakes. It said in the email that the recipient simply had to click the red button to receive extra holiday. Who would fall for it?

Wiki Wednesday
March 7, 2018 - Leuven
Talent is scarce,
efficient recruitment and retention is key

The war for talent continues to rage in almost every sector. Most organizations understand that they need to put more effort into hiring and retaining staff in order to achieve sustainable results. Technology can lend a helping hand here – and that's why we introduce you to Dynamics 365 for Talent

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Test Maturity

Many end users are irritated whenever they are confronted with the fallibility of their favorite applications. Efficient and effective testing of your software offers the assurance that you are putting quality end products on the market. Read more about Software testing in the right context or download the Roadmap.

The renewed RStore: One location, one click for all your professional ICT products

Operational ICT issues are just one of the many challenges associated with the digital transformation. Like many others, your organization will not be able to avoid them.

Unburden your organization in terms of ICT product purchasing with Rstore. Use Rstore to search and order from an extremely comprehensive, up-to-date range of professional ICT products, brands, services and comprehensive solutions.Read more about the advantages of RStore and visit the renewed Rstore.

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