Realdolmen Digest - June 2018
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Applications for
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way in which companies are designing, constructing and managing their business. The IoT has applications in many areas, and has been proven to be useful in a range of sectors. We have compiled some potential applications as examples, with a large number of use cases in specific industries

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In marketing,
guessing is risky and
knowledge is power

Marketing is subject to technological progress, just like all other aspects of your business. These innovations create impressive opportunities for segmentation, personalization and automation, but also insight.

These days, data plays a crucial role before, during and after the launch of your marketing campaign.
Discover how that data provides insight.

Alpro optimizes the productivity of employees with O365

Alpro was looking for a helping hand to familiarize its employees with O365 and found this in its strategic partner RealdolmenIn mutual consultation, a sophisticated and personalized Engaged Workplace was created for Alpro's 1,300 employees. When doing this, Realdolmen focused on co-creation, integration, and user adoption..
Watch the video-testimonial here.

Realdolmen and KPN
make IoT solutions
easy to manage

The Internet of Things generates a wealth of information that can be used to make business processes more efficient and improve the general customer experience. But how can you – as a company – climb aboard this high-speed train easily and efficiently? KPN and Realdolmen are developping KPN Things: a flexible total package that enables you to set up and manage IoT solutions easily and rapidly.

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Highly successful friendly takeover bid by Gfi Informatique

The initial acceptance period of the offer which began on 26 April 2018 closed on 31 May 2018.
88.92% of the securities were tendered during the initial acceptance period. Gfi Informatique has decided to go ahead with a voluntary reopening of the offer starting on 5 June and ending on 25 June. Download the press release for full details.

Healthcare Platform:
Unburden your organization in the cloud

With the Healthcare Platform, we want healthcare providers to be able to offer more and better care through the smarter use of innovative ICT solutions. In addition to promoting expansion and improving efficiency, the Healthcare Platform is intended to allow healthcare providers to unburden themselves from ICT tasks. The cloud Platform is modular and addresses care activity requirements.

How Aruba 360 Secure Fabric helps with GDPR

No single product or combination of security solutions will guarantee GDPR compliance! No product in itself is GDPR compliant! So it´s time to bring existing solutions together. A holistic GDPR strategy can only be achieved if the security teams have the right tools to do their job. 
Aruba provides an integrated set of security products and technologies that can help organizations reach the level of protection that the EU regulators are seeking.
Read more and download the whitepaper here.
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