Realdolmen Digest - September 2017
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How to assure optimum data protection?  Why and how should you change to become a connected company?  Looking for a way to relieve your organization as much as possible? ...

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Co-thinking about the future

Invitation: Co-thinking about the future with Realdolmen & UGent

Together with the Ghent University, we organize a series of “Co-creation round Tables” for 200 invitees. With our customers, partners, employees, researchers and students, we broach subjects which correspond to actual, strategic, tactical and operational IT domains. This event will take place in Dutch.
More details & registration here.
Whitepaper: the Connected Company

The Connected Company: Change before you have to change

The prerequisites for becoming a connected company are in fact the same as for a digital transformation: align technology with your business strategy, make sure there is structure and be aware that the rules for 'running the business' and 'changing the business' are two different things.
This white paper attempts to provide an answer to the questions "why change?" and "how?".
Security at Vanheede Environment Group

Optimum data protection at VANHEEDE ENVIRONMENT GROUP

VANHEEDE ENVIRONMENT GROUP wanted a security solution with a proven track record from a partner with sufficient technical expertise and a human match with the corporate culture. Realdolmen and CheckPoint were chosen as the ideal partners to implement the solution. Watch the video.

The Realdolmen program for recent graduates

The war for talent is happening. In today's economic climate, there is a painful shortage of experienced ICT consultants. Many companies are looking for an affordable alternative for quick capacity availability so they can implement necessary ICT projects and improve their business. With acADDemICT, Realdolmen has introduced a unique training program for recent graduates with a specific focus on ICT.
digital transformation

Digitization for your engaged employees today and tomorrow

The speed at which new developments take place and the world digitizes is stunning, changing the ways in which we communicate and work, and even our actual working environment. Nowadays, we work with different types of connectivity any place, any time, on any device.
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Microsoft Country Partner of the Year

Realdolmen recognized as 2017 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Belgium

Realdolmen is proud to announce it has won the 2017 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Belgium. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.
Read more here.
Realdolmen Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Realdolmen Device-as-a-Service (DaaS).
Relieve your organization as much as possible

With the DaaS program, we can now offer hardware solutions on the basis of monthly invoicing. No more heavy investments to be paid up-front. In addition, the program will compile the latest Microsoft Office 365 version with additional services such as installation, migration, training and a helpdesk. The Realdolmen DaaS program has been built to relieve your organization as much as possible.