Realdolmen Digest 01 - February 2017
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We're happy to present the very first edition of our Realdolmen Digest. This newsletter, which will be published 5 times a year, brings you an overview of our most valuable content such as white papers, blog posts, video testimonials, customer stories, magazines etc.

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Windows Server 2016: much more than a simple update

Microsoft recently released Windows Server 2016. Who thinks that this is just the next update in the list, underestimated the value and impact of Windows Server 2016.  Register for an info session to learn more:
February 21st, Ghent
February 23rd, Leuven

The hybrid cloud: the best of all worlds

I need to upgrade my data center.  Is this a sensible investment? I need a new business  application. Should I opt for a customized solution or a  cloud-based solution? These are relevant questions for every IT manager. This whitepaper informs you about the opportunities, benefits, and pitfalls.

Why Cebeo chose for IT Outsourcing

Because of the financial crisis and the rise of more complex systems, companies try to be more efficient and put IT Outsourcing high on the priorities list. We take a look behind the screen at Cebeo, a wholesaler of electrotechnical material.
Watch the video here.

DATS 24 manages its B2B customers better with Salesforce

Within the framework of its growth strategy, DATS 24 is increasingly serving SME businesses. In order to effectively manage its relationships with a growing number of business customers, the company needed an efficient CRM system and found a solution in the form of Salesforce.
Read their testimonial.

Become a connected company with these 10 principles

Connected companies are companies that thrive in the digital age. They know how to create new sources of value for their customers. They learn faster and move faster than their competitors.
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SimplICiTy Magazine. 
The story of change.

In 2016, after helping numerous companies with their digital transformation, we underwent a radical change ourselves. Our structure, our approach, our story: it all needed updating to better meet our customers’ needs. Read the story behind this transformation in this edition of SimplICiTy Magazine.

Surface Hub from Microsoft: collaboration on a human scale

Standing around a canvas, letting the creative juices and ideas flow. Writing down suggestions, improving designs, tweaking and adjusting them. Brainstorming together.
Thanks to Surface Hub from Microsoft, every stroke of the pen and every idea can now also be stored digitally. Realdolmen is Authorized Reseller for Surface Hub. What does this mean for you as a customer